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Beer tasting coming up
All my beer-drinking friends are invited to a beer tasting event next week. Come savor some Belgian specialties!

Beer: my favorite cold beverage


One things for sure: I`m a big fan of beer. And no, Im not an alcoholic. I just love drinking that ancient beverage. And Ive become a real expert.

I know all about how beer is brewed, how it differs from country to country, and how home brew is made. I also have a large collection of beer coasters.

To your health!

Water, malt and hops thats all it takes to make a great beer. The alcohol content usually ranges from 4.5 to 6 percent. Evidence shows that beer was already being drunk in Ancient Egypt.

The Romans called the heavenly beverage “cervisia”. Beer can taste bitter, salty, sweet, sour, full-bodied, dry, or mild. We differentiate between top-fermented and bottom-fermented beer.